What can we do for you?

What your plans and goals for the sale of your home? waterfront_property_monadnock_region_nh

Buying another? Hitting the road?

You tell us what you need and we’ll help you get there. If you’re getting in the RV and hitting the road, we’ll work to get closed on time and make sure you have your money in hand when you need it.  If you’re buying another house, we’ll help you find it and work with the closing and title companies to get you through both closings. We can also recommend area lenders to finance your new home.

Are you looking to sell quickly or are you able to wait a bit for that perfect offer?  Pricing your home correctly makes all the difference in how much interest it generates and ultimately how quickly it sells. If you’re looking for a higher price point and can wait for that perfect buyer, they’re out there.  But if you want to sell quickly then pricing your house at the lower end of the range will help immensely.  We have the experience and knowledge to know where to price your house so it doesn’t have to face repeated price drops to sell.

Do you know how your house compares to others in the area? We can perform a no charge Market Analysis, comparing your home to other similar homes in the area that have recently sold.  Using that and other property information, we can suggest a price that we feel will sell your home in the time frame you want.  Once you have set a price, we get your home marketed: online and in print.

Should you paint or remodel the whole kitchen?  We can help you decide which improvements or projects will get you the most return on your dollar.  We know what buyers in this area are looking for.  For some hints on getting ready to sell, see our blog: Spring is coming and buyers are looking! 

So, it really is all about the money.  And we’re here to help you.  Whether it’s pricing your home, negotiating the best Purchase & Sale agreement, finding financing, or getting the house ready to sell, we have the experience and knowledge of the market to make your plans and goals happen.