The Spring Market is Picking Up!


While it may not look like spring is here, the real estate market is definitely seeing the signs. Inventory has been low throughout the winter but we’re seeing new listings coming in daily.

If you’re thinking about buying there are a few things you can do to make your search more productive.

Review your credit. Spend the time to clean up any glitches in your history.
Remember, while paying down your credit cards is a good idea, you don’t want to tie up all of your cash. You’ll need some savings for closing costs, moving and personalizing your new place!

Talk to a lender to see what you’re pre-qualified for. This will help you in your search and make you a better contender when making an offer. We can help you with information on lending programs available.

Remember your mortgage won’t be your only expense. Consider taxes, insurance, fuel, and maintenance. You may need to put aside money for maintenance projects down the road.

Then think about Need, Want, and Wish.
Needs would be budget, number of bedrooms, and amount of renovation/redecorating you’re willing to do – if any.
Wants may be many and may overlap with needs but always keep an open mind. Here is the opportunity for many give and takes. It could be that den, the big yard, the extra bedroom, finished basement or oversized garage. This will probably be a list in progress as you start seeing homes.
Wishes are just that; you don’t really need them but it would be nice… Is it a tree house, 3 car garage or 23 acres on a hillside? Deciding what goes on which list will be a great help in narrowing your search.
Finally, come see us! We’ll spend time getting to know what you need, want and wish so we can help you find the perfect home for you. And if you don’t see ‘the one’ right away, remember, properties are coming on the market everyday so your house is out there. We can help you find it.