Spring is here and buyers are looking.

LastTry_BuyerServices_HappyCouple_blogIf you’re thinking about selling your house call us!  We’ll get you started and help you every step of the way.

In the meantime, there are things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Clean, clean, clean!  A house that sparkles shows people that you care for it. Messy houses don’t show well.

Paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up your house.  Use neutral colors so buyers can imagine their belongings in your rooms.  You may love deep, saturated colors and hate to see it go but you’re moving!  You can paint your next home in all the colors you love. To sell this one, go neutral!

Take care of those little maintenance items you may have put off.

General: A sticky door, loose hardware, lights that don’t work, missing trim.

Electrical: If you have any uncovered outlets or junction boxes, cover them!  It costs 50 cents for a new cover at the hardware store.  Inspectors look for this and for grounded or GFI outlets in the kitchens and baths.  You may want to hire an electrician for this.

Plumbing: Take a look at your water and sewer pipes for any that may be weeping or leaking.  You may be able to change these out yourself.

Consider getting your own home inspection when you first decide to sell.  Knowing in advance any problems that could affect the sale or selling price of your home will give you chance to fix them over time.  Include a septic inspection.  It’s horrible to negotiate with your buyer to the exact penny and then, after an inspection, find there’s an issue with the septic that could cost thousands.  That could eat up your profit. Knowing in advance will allow you to factor that into the negotiation.


The point of all of this is to make the best first impression possible with buyers.  You want them to remember your house for all the right reasons.