Waterfront Property in the Monadnock Region

waterfront property monadnock region new hampshireWater, water everywhere in the Monadnock region to satisfy those who like to swim as well as those who like to fish or go boating.

When we moved to Jaffrey 37 years ago, what a surprise it was to find that there were two town beaches that the Town Recreation Department manned in the summertime, including lifeguards on duty and swimming lessons. At Lake Contoocook, Jaffrey closes the road in the summer and expands the beach area. When school is back in session, they re-open the road so people can drive by and enjoy the view.

Thorndike Pond provides the second Jaffrey town beach complete with picnic area. The Thorndike Pond Town Beach is directly across from one of the Monadnock State Park’s entrances, where lots of people begin their ascent of Mount Monadnock.

Gilmore Pond is pristine water with limited development around the shore. There is also public access right off Gilmore Pond Road. There are no motorized boats on Gilmore Pond, but kayaking and canoeing are favorite pastimes for those who like to be out on the water.

In neighboring Rindge, there is Pool Pond, Pearly Pond and Lake Monomonac, which is the largest body of water in the area. In neighboring Fitzwilliam, Laurel Lake is a wonderful cold water lake that provides great fishing, swimming and boating.

In the Cathedral Estates neighborhood of Rindge all have beach rights to Emerson Pond, which is a man-made body of water. From the shores of Emerson Pond, you can hear the bells chime from the Cathedral of the Pines.

Dublin Lake in Dublin, New Hampshire is beautiful. Folks from the Boston area would summer at Dublin Lake in years gone by, and there are some very large homes existing today that are part of that era.

I would say that Lake Nubanusit is the most coveted body of water in the Monadnock region. So little development of the shoreline gives the properties there a much higher value.

If you are interested in fun in the sun in summer and skating, snowmobiling and ice fishing in the winter, come to the Monadnock region.  There are waterfront homes available and homes with beach rights, but regardless of where you settle, a lake or pond will be accessible to you.

Let Despres and Associates help you find your first home, second home, waterfront home or mobile home.

Selling Real Estate With Pets

Hunter1Pets are wonderful, and an integral part of the family when they are planning to sell or buy a home.  From a REALTOR’s perspective, the loyal family dog can turn into a tiger at the prospect of strangers entering a home which they have been left in charge of.

I have seen even golden retrievers, known for their great dispositions, feel threatened by my presence when showing a house and react accordingly. Continue reading

Location and Logistics in Real Estate

55RedGateRindgeOne of the most difficult tasks in real estate is working out the logistics of selling a house and buying a house at the same time.

Whenever a prospective buyer calls for information on a property, we always ascertain if they are ready, willing and able to purchase, or if they have the encumbrance of a home to sell before one can be purchased. Continue reading

Using a Property Management Company

PageSlider_ProperyManagement_RENTblocksOwners of property choose a property management company for a variety of reasons. Often times it is because they will be absent from the property for a period of time, or simply that they live out of state and are unable to oversee their investment property.  For others, retirement allows them to travel and having their properties professionally managed allows them to tour, cruise and explore without worry.

Some owners request a rental service only to lessen the possibility of getting an irresponsible tenant. In this case, the owner collects the rent and maintains the property himself once the tenant is identified and the paperwork complete.

Being professionally managed means that the Management Company is on duty 24/7 to satisfy tenant concerns or emergency repairs.

Rents are collected on a monthly basis and an Income Statement of monies collected and expenses paid is provided to the owner.  Checks are sent directly to the owner, or deposited into a designated account.

Despres and Associates has been providing Property Management and Rental Services in the Monadnock Region for over 25 years.  Call us to manage your property.


What To Look For When Buying Bank Owned Properties

MortgageWhen looking to purchase a bank owned property, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration depending on whether you are able to pay cash or are planning to mortgage.

If you are mortgaging, no offer on a bank-owned property will be accepted without a pre-qualification letter from the bank.  If you are paying cash for

Continue reading

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

first time home buyers outside their new homeBuying your first home is a little bit like learning to use a computer. Although I consider myself to be less computer literate than my 8 and 10 year old granddaughters, writing a blog does make me feel like I am at least in the right century. If someone were to ask me what is the most important step that one should take if they are serious about  home ownership, I would say that you need good credit.

It would be nice to have some savings, but oftentimes loan programs are available that require very little money down, however, you have to have good credit to qualify.  This means pay your rent on time and keep receipts if you pay in cash. You may need to provide a lender with copies of the checks that you wrote for rent, but these can be obtained from the bank that maintains your checking account.To build good credit, make loan payments in a timely way with no late payments. Also, pay more than the minimum required on your credit card accounts.

Take care that your spending is well within your means so a lender can see that you earn enough household income to cover your debt and still be able to afford a mortgage payment that includes taxes and insurance.

Most sellers require at least $1,000.00 as a good faith deposit on a home, and you should be prepared for the costs of a building inspection, septic inspection, water and radon testing as needed.

When you are ready, call us at Despres and Associates, Inc. at (603) 532-8742 and we will refer you to an appropriate lender who will provide you with a pre-qualification letter and give you some guidelines about what would be affordable to you.  The rest is fun and games!!


Tips on Shopping for Rental Property and Apartments

lease agreement - tips on shopping for rental propertyLooking for a rental? Keep in mind that when calling a landlord you may be talking to the owner of a property management company. The company has an obligation to the client (the owner of the rental property), to provide a tenant who will be responsible to pay rent in a timely way and to someone who will care for the property as if it were their own.

Most property management companies have an application process that will include a credit check and calling previous rental references and/or other references provided on the application. In addition to good credit, a property management company will want to know that you have a steady income and that you have job security. Your household income must be sufficient enough to provide a level of confidence that the rent will be paid each month.

Finding an apartment to rent with pets is always difficult.  It is just not possible to have them in multifamily buildings, but occasionally we do have owners who will allow a dog or cat in the individual houses that we have for rent.

If you are renting for the first time, know that this is your opportunity to build a reputation as a good tenant. Pay the rent and take good care of the property. Be considerate of your neighbors when playing music or the television. When it is time to vacate, provide the appropriate 30-day notice and leave the unit clean with all items removed and no trash left behind.

Security deposits need to be returned no later than 30 days after vacating. Disbursement can be held up if there is damage to the apartment and the landlord is waiting for final bills for any necessary repairs (another good reason to leave the unit in good condition). Be sure the Management Company has your forwarding address when you return the keys.

Top 5 Mistakes Home Buyers Make


Some home buyers fall for common pitfalls when purchasing a home. How can you help make sure you don’t fall for one?

Credit.com recently featured some of the biggest mistakes home buyers often make. Their list included:

1. Trying to fix credit scores before buying a home.

Home buyers may do more harm than good if they don’t consult a financial expert first. “Even paying down credit card balances, which is a good thing as Continue reading

Living in the Monadnock Region

rental interior kitchen and diningThere are so many reasons to make the Monadnock Region your home, but let me visit just a few.

Of course, we have Mount Monadnock, the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world, and we have the many ponds, lakes and streams noted in a previous blog.

There is such a strong sense of community in the small towns that make up the Monadnock Region.  Most towns have a Town Meeting form of government where citizens actively participate in the process of approving budgets for their towns and schools.  At our very first Town Meeting, my late husband got up and spoke in support of raises for teachers. He received applause from the audience. It was then that he decided to take a Dale Carnegie course to improve his public speaking.

In Jaffrey alone there are so many activities to look forward to including Riverfest, which gives many of the civic groups an opportunity to fund raise.  Scarecrows on the Common is another popular event where supplies are provided and parents and children dress up scarecrows that are placed all along down for people to admire.  There is a great effort underway to re-open The Park Theatre in downtown Jaffrey where there will be live entertainment and movies.

Rindge, Jaffrey and Peterborough all have active Chambers of Commerce. Coming up soon is the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce Annual Art Auction.  Opening night is held at the Civic Center where all the art is displayed for silent and live auction.  There is a whole week for folks to view and bid on items at the silent auction.  Then the gala event, a live auction, is held by professional auctioneers.  This is an absolutely great way to obtain nice works of art from local artists and claim 40% of your purchase as a donation to the Chamber.  I am running out of space on my walls.

The Peterborough Players represent the best of summer theatre. When the actors are not working, they can be seen around town walking their dogs and shopping at Depot Square and downtown Peterborough.

Fall in the Monadnock region is glorious with vibrant colors on the trees. Every roadway is fraught with the natural beauty of the area. It is nothing short of awesome!

Make your next move to this Currier and Ives corner of New Hampshire. Only 1 ½ hours to Boston, or the New Hampshire seashore.  Despres and Associates, Inc. is here for you.