Using a Property Management Company

PageSlider_ProperyManagement_RENTblocksOwners of property choose a property management company for a variety of reasons. Often times it is because they will be absent from the property for a period of time, or simply that they live out of state and are unable to oversee their investment property.  For others, retirement allows them to travel and having their properties professionally managed allows them to tour, cruise and explore without worry.

Some owners request a rental service only to lessen the possibility of getting an irresponsible tenant. In this case, the owner collects the rent and maintains the property himself once the tenant is identified and the paperwork complete.

Being professionally managed means that the Management Company is on duty 24/7 to satisfy tenant concerns or emergency repairs.

Rents are collected on a monthly basis and an Income Statement of monies collected and expenses paid is provided to the owner.  Checks are sent directly to the owner, or deposited into a designated account.

Despres and Associates has been providing Property Management and Rental Services in the Monadnock Region for over 25 years.  Call us to manage your property.